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Lennep, Reverend Henry J. van: Travels in little-known parts of Asia Minor. London, John Murray, 1870, 2 vol. Reprinted by Elibron Classics.



Worship of the Kizilbash tribe in Asia Minor




The Kùzùlbashes are large-limbed, hardy, industrious, and not addicted to the roving habits of the others. Their features are dark and not handsome. Some notice of them will be found in Chap. I. Their settled habits have given opportunity to the public to discover more of their secret religious practices than those of the other tribes of the same character, and the Turks have, therefore, a greater contempt for them. They lead peaceable and industrious lives, and have tekkes or praying places in different parts of the country. They are said to carry on their worship in great secrecy, guards being placed in the neighbourhood with orders to keep away intruders under pain of death. Their worship consists of dances, in which men and women take part, each sex standing in a group by itself. The Turkish authorities have succeeded in falling upon them and dispersing them in the midst of their Saturnalian nightly orgies.


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